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Tucked away aptly in the heart of the serene and evergreen Kiambu County, we bring you The Zaria Village, a gated family oriented community. The development features 331 ¼ acre serviced plots available for sale, a mini shopping complex, a school, a clubhouse and a recreational area. Located about 25 km from the Central Business District, off the Ruiru-Kiambu bypass, this place offers a quiet and serene environment to pursue quality life for both self and family.

Project is in 3 distinct zones that is The Zaria Green Gem, The Zaria Grey and the Zaria Golden Rod. The land borders excellent neighborhoods of Tatu City, CIC, Fusion Capital, Dew Ridge (Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya) and Amani Ridge (Optiven). It’s served by the proximity to quality schools such as Nova Academy, Wood Creek School and Crawford International School.

It has a great access to shopping malls and recreational facilities: 15 min drive from TRM mall shopping malls, easy access to Village Market, Two Rivers Mall, Ridgeways Mall, Garden City and the upcoming Tatu City ‘Mall of Kenya’.

Low Density Neighborhood with privacy of own compound, quality predesigned scalable houses and an appealing landscape. The development is centrally located and easily accessible from Nairobi CBD, Westlands, Kiambu and Thika towns


Well designed

Stone perimeter wall


Tarmac road

State of the art

Main gate with 24/7 security and caretaker


And water on site


Street lighting


And 30 meter swimming pool

4 scalable

House designs

Provision for

An educational centre

The subdivision map

The project subdivision map is in 3 distinct zones.

The Zaria Green Gem

The Zaria Green Gem located close to the main entrance, served by 15meter and 12 meter roads. It is the first stop when you get to the project and covers the Kindergarten, and commercial center areas. It offers access to Lake Zaad.

The Zaria Grey Pearl

Home to Lake Zaad recreational park and the spa, and wellness center. It is also graced by access to a beautifully manicured landscape, natural forest and beautifully clean river.

The Zaria Golden Rod

Home to heights and views. Enclosed in a horseshoe shape at the heart of the project, sits this gem that gives the best views of Nairobi skyline, entire Tatu zone, Kiambu town and environs. Has easy access to all amenities in the village.

The house plans

Pristine house plans prepared by leading architects in the country, carefully selected incorporating both modern contemporary designs and country house designs. Build a secure home in an access controlled system and the gate, surveillance camera in the estate topped up with top-notch security patrol.

Each unit is served with adequate water, electricity and bio-digester sewerage system. A chic landscaping throughout the estate, which provides a heavenly outdoor experience for play and entertainment.

The 4 house designs include: 

  1. The Zara
  2. The Zaira
  3. The Zayana
  4. The Zazi






From CBD


Drive from TRM Mall

The Recreational Park

Lake Zaad, as we call it, a manmade body that brings out the spirit of the estate. Bold, peaceful, serene. Few words that describe the value this park brings.

Do you remember growing up, with grass cool and damp as we stepped upon, spongy and soft, bare feet on the lawn. Cushions of grass, peek between my toes, taking away all my worries and woes. Light as a feather, it tickles my feet. Feeling of a child in the warm summer heat. Bare feet running happy and free.  What a wonderful feeling we seek to bring out. It’s okay to be a child again, when nature is involved.

The Spa and Wellness centre

What would a modern village be without a relaxation spot? Enjoy a peaceful morning run, or a biceps building session at the gym then soak in the ever-alluring steam bath or the sauna… whichever you fancy. Or better yet, a quick dive into the 30-meter size pool before starting your day.   

The Commercial centre

Catch-up with friends over a cup of Chai, Latte or an ice cold drink: Pick up a packet of milk from the mini shopping complex: Need a quick haircut?
We got you. Facilities here include a coffee shop, a saloon, a barber shop, a grocery store and a mini market. The Zaria Village will be a one-stop residence bringing all you need closer to you.

The School

Great development intentionally incorporates education centres since we never stop learning. Our intention is to ensure your children kindergarten led by top leading private schools companies available in the country. The school will start with pre-primary classes.

School’s space is designed to offer a stimulating environment for students to explore their talents and nurture their creative minds. A careful selection process underway to identify the best institution that centres its operations on growing passion and motivating young minds to bloom.

The Landscaping

The project is 120 acres, with 331 ¼ plots, large open spaces and with numerous tactile features for family to frolic. An eco-friendly concept, which marries sustainability and preservation of beautiful flora and fauna currently on ground, is the idea behind the beautiful landscaping the Zaria Village beholds.

Streetlights powered by solar, will pave way to glorious evening strolls with reflections on Lake Zaad making this nothing short of a dream to reality. Water features made from locally available nature friendly materials will blend into the landscape creating an authentic look.


House designs, The Zara and Zaira, is endowed huge mirror walls that blends the open living spaces to nature creating a zen experience in and out of the homes. The landscape carefully compliments the house deigns, reflecting your diverse home personality and vibrates on just positive energy. Live fences between each unit enhances the green throughout the estate.

From beautifully selected trees and flowers, we intend to bring out a burst of colors and the never-ending cycle of awe, making your stay at The Zaria village nothing short of boldness, freedom and believing that there is always tomorrow, and better tidings come with it.